Boost Your Income: Top 20 Side Hustles to Try in 2023

We all have been there – flipping through bills, frowning at the number of zeros, and thinking, “Gee, I wish there were a few extra bucks coming in!” The solution? Side hustles. They’re the secret ingredients to your financial recipe that can spice up your income while keeping your 9-to-5 job intact.

Side hustles are the perfect blend of passion and profit. The cherry on top? They can even turn into full-fledged businesses. So, let’s dive into the fascinating world of side hustles and explore the 20 best, easiest, and most rewarding options available. Buckle up, and let’s get started!

  1. Freelance Writing: If you love playing with words, this one’s for you. Many platforms, like Upwork or Fiverr, help connect freelance writers with clients. Build a portfolio, keep samples ready, and start bidding on projects. Your earnings depend on your writing quality, project size, and the number of projects you take up. It might be slow initially but can turn into a steady income over time.

Secret to success: Find your niche. The more specialized you are, the more you can charge for your expertise.

  1. Graphic Design: Visual appeal sells, and businesses know this. As a freelance graphic designer, you create logos, infographics, or any graphic content needed. To get started, familiarize yourself with design tools like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Potential earnings vary depending on the complexity of the project.

Secret to success: Stay updated with the latest design trends. Your creativity and uniqueness are your USPs.

  1. Tutoring: In an era of remote learning, online tutoring is booming. Whether it’s academic subjects, music, or foreign languages, if you’re good at something, offer lessons! Platforms like Chegg Tutors can get you started. Depending on your subject and level of expertise, you can earn $20 to $100 an hour.

Secret to success: Patience and understanding are key. Foster a safe and comfortable learning environment.

  1. Etsy Seller: Do you craft handmade items or design digital products? Turn your hobby into cash by becoming an Etsy seller. List your products and start selling. The income depends on the pricing, quality, and demand for your product.

Secret to success: Customer service is vital. The better your reviews, the more successful you’ll be.

  1. Personal Trainer: Fitness enthusiasts, this one’s for you! As a personal trainer, either online or in-person, you can make a good income while staying fit. You may need some certification to start (like from ACE or NASM). Earnings vary but can range from $20-$100 per hour.

Secret to success: Personalize your training plans to fit individual client needs. And remember, your passion for fitness is contagious!

  1. Personal Chef: If the kitchen is your stage and recipes are your script, monetize your passion. Offer services as a personal chef for parties or meal-prepping for busy families. What you earn depends on your expertise and the nature of the assignment.

Secret to success: Diversify your menu and accommodate dietary preferences. And of course, taste is king!

  1. Pet Sitting: Pet lovers rejoice, because you can make money pampering pets! Start a pet-sitting business where you take care of pets while their owners are away. You can earn about $15-$25 per day per pet.

Secret to success: The love you shower on your furry clients, and the trust you build with their owners.

  1. Photography: With a good eye and a decent camera, you can start your own photography side hustle. Specialize in a niche, like portraits, product photography, or events. Earnings largely depend on your skill level and the gigs you land.

Secret to success: Build an impressive portfolio. Network aggressively.

  1. Blogging: Got something to share with the world? Start a blog. It might take time to start earning, but with patience and consistent quality content, blogging can bring in ad revenue and sponsorships.

Secret to success: SEO is your best friend. Use it to increase your blog traffic.

  1. Affiliate Marketing: Promote other people’s products and earn a commission on every sale made through your referral link. Many companies offer affiliate programs — choose one in your niche. Income depends on the product’s cost and your influence.

Secret to success: Trust is your currency. Only promote products you genuinely like and believe in.

  1. YouTube Channel: If you are comfortable in front of the camera, start a YouTube channel. It could be about anything – travel, tech reviews, cooking, or DIY crafts. Successful YouTubers can earn from ad revenues, sponsorships, and fan donations. And even if you are not comfortable appearing in the videos yourself: you can find someone else to help you in front of the camera, or use one of the many AI apps that will turn text into speech and even “talking heads”.

Secret to success: Consistency and engagement. Keep posting and interact with your viewers.

  1. Podcasting: Got a voice and something interesting to say? Launch your podcast! Though it may take time to generate income, sponsorships and ads can make podcasting lucrative.

Secret to success: Finding your unique voice and a niche that you’re passionate about.

  1. Voice-Over Artist: Offer your services as a voice-over artist for commercials, audiobooks, or animations. Websites like can get you started. Earnings depend on the length and complexity of the project.

Secret to success: Practice, practice, practice. Your voice is your tool — make it versatile.

  1. Virtual Assistant: Offer services like email management, scheduling, social media management, and more as a virtual assistant. You can start on platforms like Zirtual. Earnings can range from $10-$30 per hour.

Secret to success: Be organized and proactive. Your clients’ success is your success.

  1. Social Media Management: If you’re a social media whiz, offer your skills to businesses. Create and manage their social media profiles to improve their online presence. What you earn depends on the number of clients and the effort you put in.

Secret to success: Stay updated with the latest social media trends. Engagement is crucial.

  1. Dropshipping: Start an online store without the hassle of inventory management through dropshipping. You partner with suppliers who fulfill orders on your behalf. Earnings depend on product type and sales volume.

Secret to success: Choose a profitable niche. Good customer service is key.

  1. House Cleaning: Start a house cleaning service. You’ll need basic cleaning supplies to get started. Depending on the size and condition of the home, and your place of residence, you can earn around $25-$50 per hour.

Secret to success: Attention to detail. A clean, fresh-smelling home can get you repeat customers.

  1. Flipping Items: Buy low, sell high! Find underpriced goods at yard sales, thrift stores, or online, spruce them up, and resell for a profit. Earnings can vary widely based on the items and your negotiation skills.

Secret to success: Knowledge about the value of items. Patience to wait for the right price.

  1. Personal Shopper: If you have a knack for style and love shopping, offer your services as a personal shopper. Help clients find the perfect outfits or gifts. What you earn can range widely based on your client base.

Secret to success: A keen understanding of your client’s preferences. Build relationships and trust.

  1. Online Course Creator: Leverage your expertise into money by creating online courses. Websites like Udemy let you host your courses. Earnings depend on course price and number of students.

Secret to success: Quality content is king. Make your course comprehensive and engaging.

There you have it! The world of side hustles is vast and versatile, catering to a range of skills and interests. Remember, the secret ingredient to any side hustle’s success is your passion and commitment. So, take the plunge, explore the realm of side hustles, and add a healthy splash of profit to your financial recipe. Happy hustling!

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